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Award Winning Supplier

Our castings are used around the worldThe high quality products produced by Celina Aluminum Precision Technology (CAPT) associates, the state-of-the-art technology utilized to manufacture these parts and the international viewpoint for providing quality to the world at a reasonable price all stem from the expertise and experience of Honda Foundry, the parent company of CAPT.

Honda Supplier Awards

Precision In Our Products

At CAPT, we understand the customers’ needs for the best products. We also know that customers look beyond the product and expect precision in every phase of the operations.

Quality, Technology, Precision, On-Time Delivery and Cost Competitiveness all play an integral role in business today. Keeping all these in mind is moving CAPT toward U.S. leadership in engine component manufacturing.

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Quality Assurance
In Every Job

Every associate takes pride in assuring quality in every job.  From purchasing and logistics through manufacturing, from die maintenance

A Cornerstone of Capt

Our plant is highly automated with sophisticated machinery and robotics engineered to melt aluminum ingots and cast products.

At the Heart of Our Products

Robots perform a series of tasks to assure consistency as well as associate safety.  Tolerances of each product are carefully controlled.